Enamel Custom Medals are among our most popular sellers due to their affordability and raised and recessed areas on the design surface of the pin. The 2-D appearance of enamel custom medals provides an added dimension to your design without sacrificing design quality. Enamel medals can be plated in a variety of finishes to compliment your individual design needs as well. Some customers prefer to add a protective epoxy dome coating to their Enamel custom medals, which can be provided at no extra charge.


Enamel custom medals are manufactured using strict quality control guidelines and high attention to detail. Your selected colors are hand filled with quality enamel and baked to 190 degrees for proper distribution and bleed prevention. Hand polishing finishes the process before each and every medal is inspected for proper finishing and quality standards before being shipped to you.


An affordable alternative for a variety of applications, Enamel custom medals display quality and excellent in medal craftsmanship.


For an additional fee the Enamel Custom Medals can created with the addition of a 3 dimensional mold. Please call one of our sales associates for information.


Call Custom Medals PLUS today to learn more about Enamel custom medals and how this process can be applied to your own custom design.


Enamel Medals – 100 medal minimum – includes one standard ribbon

Size 100 300 500 1000+
1.5" $4.05 $3.53 $3.48 $3.42
1.75" $4.41 $3.93 $3.86 $3.81
2" $4.78 $4.33 $4.26 $4.19
2.5" $6.95 $6.54 $6.49 $6.44
3" $9.99 $9.54 $9.49 $9.44


Mold Fees

1.5" Mold Fee 1.75" Mold Fee 2" Mold Fee
$75 $99 $125

2.5" Mold Fee 3" Mold Fee
$175 $225
Custom Medals – Ribbons and Options
Highlight the look of your custom medal with one of many different ribbon colors. There is also the option to have a custom ribbon color for an additional price. Custom ribbon colors may extend the production time. Please consult with your sales associate for the ribbon color that will work best with your order of custom medals.
Multi-Color Ribbons
Blue/White/Red Red/Blue Black/Red Black/White Blue/White Red/White
Single Color Ribbons
White Black Yellow Green Blue Red
Light Blue          
The design of your custom medal is only limited by your imagination. With complicated design, your custom medal may require some of the options listed below. Consult your medal designer for input on how each of the options can be applied to add uniqueness to your custom medal.


3D Images Epoxy Dome Dual Plating

Basic $50.00
Complex $100+

$0.40 per side $0.75 per piece
Offset Printed Image Silk Screen Cut Outs
$100 per image $19 per color $0.10 per cutout
Antique Gold Antique Silver Antique Copper
$0.60 per coin $0.35 per coin $0.30 per coin



We offer different packaging methods to suit your custom medal order. For more information, please contact us at 1-800-252-0904


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